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Skin discoloration in gentle and intime areas like underarms, bikini, anal zone, knees, and elbows could bring discomfort and unawareness for both men and women. Let’s be honest, we all suffer from pigmentations in those areas. Why not to brighten them, raise self-esteem, and move your body closer to perfection? We offer proven, effective, and comfortable solution in a completely discrete environment.

Gentle & effective skin brightening

The treatment consists of a multi-step procedure with peeling, regeneration, and whitening action. Professional skin brightening treatment, gentle and effective for all skin types. It is a comfortable procedure with peeling, whitening, and soothing ingredients and has no discomfort or downtime.

Bikini & anal

Bikini & anal

Discover renewed confidence with our specialized skin lightening treatments for bikini and anal areas. Utilizing natural, safe, and effective ingredients, this procedure is tailored to your needs, providing a comfortable experience and visible results. Our qualified experts take a personalized approach, aiming for an outcome that complements your natural beauty. Ideal for both men and women, this treatment is designed to boost your self-assurance and enhance your appearance. Experience transformation in a serene and professional setting!



Skin discoloration in underarms area brings a lot of discomfort and a bad look, usually accompanied with excessive sweating and smell. Why not to get rid of these problems? Try our revolutionary underarms skin whitening treatment to even the skin tone, restore the balance and reduce the sweating in underarms area. It may take 3 to 6 sessions to eliminate dark pigments from underarms considering that you follow the instructions of our specialist and use at-home complimentary skin brightening products. Book your free consultation today!

Knees & elbows

Knees & elbows

Knees and elbows are also among the areas affected by excessive pigmentation and skin discoloration. With the age our skin on the knees and elbows experience continuous pressure, distortions and become dark and less elastic. These areas also require special attention. It is possible to eliminate dark spots on these areas and to restore elasticity. With our professional gentle and effective skin lightening treatment you can rejuvenate the skin and adjust the skin tone on knees and elbows without any discomfort or downtime.

I had a bikini area skin lightening treatment, and it worked very well even after just one session. They are good professionals, very friendly and always try to understand your needs. I totally recommend them.
helium Maria B.
The procedure is very gentle, and worked very well. They examined my dark areas and we tried two different protocols. After the second visit I noticed visible brightening effect in those areas. I would recommend this treatment. Thank you, Elena!
helium Mehraz S.
I am so happy I found this clinic. I was suffering many years from ingrown hair, dark spots and even pimples in my sensitive areas. It was normal to me. Now, after completing the full course of 6 sessions I can definitely see the difference. My skin in those areas completely changed. I also used skin lightening products they recommended.
helium Jasmine E.

Before & after

In order to achieve the best results, a complete course of 6 sessions is recommended with an interval of 1-2 weeks between visits. Don’t expect a dramatic change after the first session, but you will definitely see the change at the end of the course. Be patient, follow the protocol, and use at-home skin brightening products for better effect.

FAQs about skin brightening

General Questions

No, it is not the same procedure. We do not use harsh chemicals and bleaching agents during our skin brightening treatment. Our protocol includes only safe and certified components for professional use: Ingredients with a lifting and whitening action: • Modulated chloroacetic acid • Urea peroxide • Kojic acid • Rucinolo • Glutathione. Regenerating, biostimulating and soothing ingredients: • Papaine • Gynesteine • Retinol • Bisabolol • Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract

We recommend completing the course of 6 sessions with 1-2 weeks intervals. The result depends on many factors, such as how dark the skin is in intimate areas, your diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. If you follow the protocol prepared by our specialist and use at-home skin lightening products, you should see a noticeable change after 2 or 3rd sessions.

There is no downtime after this treatment. You can live your normal life like after a facial treatment. However, there will be recommendations from our professional that you would need to follow in order to achieve the desired result. Do not shave and/or wax the area the same day of the application of the product.

Intimate skin brightening (or whitening) is suitable for many areas of your body affected by discoloration. The most common zones are the bikini and anal area, underarms, knees, and elbows. Other body parts can be treated as well. Individual consultation and evaluation is required.

Before the procedure, you will need to shave and clean the treated area. Please be advised that we cannot perform the treatment in the bikini/anal area during the menstrual days. In general, there are no contradictions, but you will be required to complete a form during your free consultation.


The price depends on the number of visits you take.  To save the 1/2 price, you can take a full package with a 50% discount on all your sessions. If you take one session only or decide to pay per visit, you pay the regular price. A membership plan is also available for this treatment.

Bikini or anal zone

$90 Package price with 50% discount
  • Gentle and effective lightening
  • Remove dark pigmentation
  • Treat acne and ingrown hair
  • Soothing and lifting effect
  • Only safe & natural ingredients


$90 Package price with 50% discount
  • Even the skin tone underarms
  • Fight discoloration & smell
  • Combine with laser hair removal
  • Gain confidence & better look
  • A move to your natural beauty

Knees or elbows

$90 Package price with 50% discount
  • Professional skin brightening protocol
  • Improve elasticity & skin texture
  • Remove those disgusting dark spots
  • Apply whitening products at home
  • Get a celebrity look and feel!

Anal zone brightening

Anal bleaching was a very popular treatment in the past. It was painful and dangerous for the skin. Now we can perform gentle and effective anal zone skin whitening procedures without harsh chemicals with only natural ingredients. Designed to lighten the skin tone safely, this treatment offers aesthetic enhancement and renewed confidence for both men and women. Book your free and discrete consultation today!


We are always glad to welcome you at two locations in Montreal, both are conveniently located close to metro stations. To get to the Downtown location take Guy-Concordia metro station, for Plateau clinic take Sherbrooke metro station. If you choose to go by car, you can always find a parking spot on the streets nearby.



Skin lightening cream

In order to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend using skin whitening or skin brightening professional cosmetic products at home. New-generation whitening cosmetics contain ingredients with a lifting and whitening action as well as regenerating, biostimulating, and soothing ingredients. You can purchase products online or during your next visit to our Medispa.

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