Laser hair removal Men

IPL hair removal? No, true laser hair removal with powerful Nd: YAG / Alexandrite lasers. The laser is the only permanent and painless solution to get rid of unwanted hair on any part of your body. Professional and discreet services with the comfort of the latest laser hair removal technology. Request a discount coupon to get a 50% discount on all your sessions and reserve your free consultation today!

IPL hair removal? No, true laser!

Only powerful laser (Nd: YAG, Alexandrite) technologies guarantee a permanent result (>95%) for hair removal. Other methods like IPL, electrolysis, waxing for men, small-power devices etc. give you only temporary effect. You can tire yourself with waxing and shaving and plucking, but why wasting time and money when all you have to do is apply for a course of laser hair removal procedures?



Laser hair removal is safe. A laser is focusing only on a specific wavelength and does not touch the surrounding tissue. It does not cause burns or any other negative health consequences when operated by a professional. Learn more by reaching us or reserve a free consultation.



Only powerful laser equipment can guarantee permanent results (~95%). Other methods like IPL hair removal provide temporary hair reduction, not removal. The laser beam directly acts on the hair follicle, causing its death without injuring the skin. Therefore, the appearance of new hair from the dead bulb is excluded.



You no longer need to torment yourself with wax strips or suffer from irritation after shaving. Laser hair removal is painless. With combined air and cryogen cooling systems, you feel nothing as the place of exposure is constantly cooled. Try the comfort of the latest laser hair removal technology.

I did my second laser hair removal session at IPL Lab and I'm very happy with the results! It was not painful at all! Thank you!
helium Michel Bouvier
At IPL Lab, it's always a good experience. Competent and accommodating staff. I tried other laser hair clinic, but had no results there. Very happy I found this place!
helium Marc Forliano
Don't waste your time with IPL hair removal, your hair will come back again. Only after second laser treatment here I noticed visible difference. And it's more comfortable as well.
helium Vincent Tremblay

Before & after

A full permanent laser hair removal course consists of 8 sessions with 4-6 weeks interval. Results are varying from person to person, but you might see a noticeable hair reduction even after 1st or 2nd session. Hairs noticeably thin, become softer, gradually disappearing forever.


We offer 2 different pricing options: Package price and regular price. When you buy a package you get a 50% discount on all your sessions. If you prefer to pay per visit every time you come, you pay the regular (full) price.


$160 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • 95-100% comfort level
  • 95-100% permanent hair removal
  • Zero side effects
  • Approved by Health Canada
  • Painless procedure


$400 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • Any 4 zones* at your choice
  • 50% OFF on package offer
  • Add any zone for half price
  • Free consultation and evaluation
  • Payment split


$280 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • Packages of 4 or 8 sessions
  • 4-6 weeks interval between sessions
  • Totally it takes 6 month to 1 year
  • All year round – ok for sun exposure
  • We treat all skin types

Waxing for men?

Don’t waste your time! Waxing for men is painful, IPL hair removal is not permanent, electrolysis is a nightmare. Laser hair removal is the only safe, painless and very efficient method to get rid of unwanted hair. Once and for all! Laser hair removal is a smart investment as it is safe, efficient and painless.


We have 2 locations in Montreal, both are conveniently close to metro stations with parking available nearby. Take Guy-Concordia metro station for Downtown laser hair clinic and metro Sherbrooke for Plateau location.



Laser hair removal Men

The best option is to book a free consultation with our expert and ask all the questions in person. We will provide all the details on the procedure and develop an individual schedule of hair removal sessions considering your requirements and skin/hair type. Book a free consultation today and request prices with a 50% discount on your laser hair removal!

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