Eltraderm Gentle Facial Cleanser • EN



Featuring a cleanser that knows no bounds with its gentle cleansing action that may be used for all skin types, skin conditions, and skin ages! Our Gentle Facial Cleanser is a non-astringent gel cleanser that delicately eliminates impurities, excess oils, and makeup. Infused with Chamomile and Propanediol, this mild cleanser delivers a thorough facial cleanse without stripping essential moisture. Designed for all skin types, young to mature skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, rosacea-prone skin, or traumatized skin.
This Gentle Facial Cleanser thoroughly rinses away impurities without compromising the skin’s integrity for a more balanced complexion.
* Non-irritating, non-foaming, oil-free, one-step gel cleanser eliminates the need for additional make-up remover, toner, or shaving gel
* Removes traces of excess oil, without feeling of dryness
* Excellent as shaving gel – minimizes irritation after shaving
* Easily removes make-up, even around eye area with lash extensions
* May be used post-treatment on sensitized skin
* Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.
* Reduces skin irritation and sensitivities
* Enhances synergistic moisturization effect with glycerin
* Acts as humectant to attract water & retain moisture
* Greener glycol alternative delivers improved sensorial attributes
* Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants to boost skin’s defensive barrier
* Delivers soothing relief for sensitive, irritated, or stressed skin
* Anti-inflammatory to relieve redness
* Restores equilibrium to intolerant skin and calms irritation
Decyl Glucoside
* Gentle cleansing agent that preserves skin balance integrity
* Mild enough for sensitive skin and commonly used in baby products
* Moisture binding properties leave skin feeling soft and smooth
* Made from plant-derived polyglucoside – glucose with coconut derivative
Skin Types:
* Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily, Sensitive
Skin Concerns:
* Ideal for all skin types
* Sensitivity with or without dryness
* Conditions of erythema or inflammation
* Ensures comfort for oily, acne-prone, rosacea-prone, or sensitive skin
* May be used post-treatment on sensitized skin (consult skin care professional)
Gently apply a small amount to the face and neck with a light circular motion. Emulsify and remove with water, a damp washcloth, or as directed by skin care professional. Follow with appropriate Eltraderm treatment product and moisturizer. Use daily in the morning and evening.
Tips for use as make-up remover: For heavy make-up applications, you may need to cleanse twice. Use a damp washcloth to help lift off excess make-up. Rinse and repeat cleanse.
Tips for use when shaving: Apply cleanser to all over face and neck. While cleanser is still on, proceed with shave using non-electric shaver. Rinse with water.
Tips for use with eyelash extensions: Use a moistened cotton swab with a small amount of cleanser to gently remove eye make-up. This  helps preserve lash extension wear.