Teeth whitening

Even perfectly white teeth may darken or turn yellow over time because of bad habits, consumption of coloring drinks and products, heredity factors and other reasons. LED teeth whitening is known as a safe, comfortable and very efficient procedure to make your smile dazzling and perfect. We use a powerful US-made LED lamp and 16% Hydrogen Peroxide teeth bleaching gel for a quick comfortable procedure and long-lasting results. Teeth whitening is carried out by certified professionals. Request a 50% discount on all your sessions and book your free consultation today!

LED teeth whitening Montreal

LED teeth whitening is a very powerful, safe and comfortable procedure that is recommended for people with sensitive teeth. The procedure is carried out using a special LED lamp that does not damage the tooth enamel at all. 
LED teeth whitening specialist applies a special gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Under the LED rays, oxygen is activated oxidizing the unwanted pigment. Teeth whitening light does not affect the tooth enamel, only stimulates the chemical process. LED equipment and proprietary HP bleaching gel are available for professional in-clinic use only. With this technology, you can have 2 or even 3 sessions in one visit and see the impressive results right away!



LED teeth whitening light has shown impressive results while being very short in duration and low in temperature procedure. LED rays can whiten your teeth up to 12 tones without damaging the gums or causing any discomfort. Most dentists today trust this method as it is considered to be the safest, most painless and gives excellent long-lasting results. It is as powerful as laser whitening treatment but less sensitive and more comfortable.



Futura 2400 LED Teeth Whitening light is fully certified by the FDA and Health Canada. LED teeth whitening is absolutely painless and safe, has no restrictions and contraindications; it's comfortable so you can perform 2 or even 3 teeth bleaching sessions during one visit. No wonder it became the most common choice for people with sensitive teeth when other teeth whitening procedures are out of the question. Due to the low temperature of the light flux, there is no need to protect the patient's face and mouth with special devices.

Instant result

Instant result

You will see the results instantly at the end of your visit. Verify your teeth whitening progress with Professional Teeth Shade Guide. LED teeth whitening can whiten your teeth a few tones after a single session, you will see it right away! Book your next visit and follow the advice of our technician to achieve maxumum and long-lasting results.

With my sensitive teeth, I felt nothing at all! The technician was very nice and professional, thank you, Ghazal! I will definitely come back for other treatments.
helium Martine Lavoie
I would recommend this place to anyone. Very comfortable and painless teeth whitening treatment. She did 3 sessions in one visit and my teeth have improved by 2 grades!
helium Alexandra Gomes
I tried many things, teeth bleaching stripes, laser, led devices... nothing really worked for a long. Here, after just one visit I saw a noticeable change. Thank you!
helium Diane Adler

Before & after

To get optimal results you need to perform multiple teeth bleaching treatments. It is possible to perform 2 or even 3 sessions during one visit. Ideally, we recommend a package of 6 sessions with 6-8 weeks interval between them. Book a free consultation with one of our experts to verify all the details and get your questions answered.


There are two different payment options available for your convenience: package prices and regular prices. You can save half of the price by taking a package with a 50% discount on all your sessions. If you decide to pay per visit every time you come or just need one session you pay the regular price.

Deluxe Home Whitening Kit

$120 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • 36% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Boil-n-Bite Custom-Fit Mouth Trays
  • Mouth Tray Storage Case
  • Blue LED Accelerator Light
  • Plush Blue Zipper Travel Case

Full LED teeth whitening session

$250 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • Free consultation and evaluation
  • Futura 2400 LED teeth whitening light session
  • 16% HP (Hydrogen Peroxide) teeth bleaching gel
  • Professional Teeth Shade Guide
  • After-treatment care and advice
  • At-home teeth whitening consultation

Touch-Up Pen + Daily White Foam

$90 Request 50% discount from this price!
  • Forever White™ 36% Carbamide Peroxide Touch-Up Pen
  • Dentist Approved and recommended
  • Daily White Teeth Whitening Foam
  • Cleans, Whitens, Freshens, Anti-Cavity, Anti-Stain
  • Ideal for people with braces
  • Safe for daily use

Teeth whitening light

In our medispa, we use Futura 2400 LED teeth whitening light that is considered as a new standard in professional teeth bleaching. Powerful, safe and fully certified by FDA and Health Canada, it provides comfortable teeth whitening sessions with instant results. The basis of this system is a whitening gel, in which oxygen molecules are released under the influence of the Futura 2400 LED lamp. Active oxygen has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the tooth and eliminate even strong and persistent tooth pigmentation. You do not need to worry about the safety of LED teeth whitening – a properly performed procedure does not harm your teeth health.


Our medispa has 2 locations in Montreal, both are conveniently located in a walking distance from metro stations. You can find parking on the streets nearby. To get to the Downtown location take the Guy-Concordia metro station, for the Plateau clinic – take Sherbrooke metro station.



Teeth bleaching

The most effective and comfortable teeth bleaching procedure combines powerful LED teeth whitening light and 16% Hydrogen Peroxide gel. Together combined with proper post-treatment care this method gives amazing immediate and long-lasting results. Peroxide can penetrate the layers of the teeth, removing pigments that cause discoloration. Hydrogen peroxide is also an active ingredient in the best teeth whitening kits, but please mind that hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is safe when performed by a specialist.

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