Split your payment with Klarna!

Make shopping easier with Klarna’s Pay in 4 feature. It lets you divide your buys into four payments, with no interest1. This makes budgeting simpler.2

Through Pay in 4, your first payment is when the order is sent. Then, every two weeks, the next three are taken from your card. This goes on until you’ve fully paid2.

If you want, you can pay a single or all payments earlier. This means you’re in full charge of your money2. Picking this choice at checkout and giving your card details does the trick. Once your stuff is on its way, you get an email from Klarna about the payment plan. This can all be seen and managed easily in our app.

More affordable paying option KLARNA

Get the Klarna app today. Enjoy breaking your payments into four with no extra cost. It’s the end of big, upfront payments and the start of smart shopping with Pay in 4.

Key Takeaways

  • Split your purchases into 4 interest-free payments with Klarna’s Pay in 4 feature
  • First payment due when order ships, remaining 3 payments every 2 weeks
  • Option to pay off a single installment or the entire balance early
  • Manage your payments easily through the Klarna app
  • No fees when you pay on time1

What is Klarna’s Pay in 4?

Klarna’s Pay in 4 is a flexible way to pay. It lets you split payment and divide your payment.3 You can buy now and pay in four equal parts. Best of all, there’s no interest to worry about. This makes it simple to budget your way and spread out your shopping.

Budget Your Way

Using Pay in 4 won’t lower your credit score.3 This gives you the freedom to manage your spending better. When you pay on time, there are no extra costs, so stretching payments over 6 weeks is stress-free.

Spread Out Your Shopping

Klarna breaks your bill into four, with first payment due when your items ship. Then, pay the rest every 2 weeks after that.3 This method helps you spread the cost over 6 weeks. It’s a great way to keep track of your money wisely.

Take Charge of Your Spending

The free Klarna app is a great tool to keep you in control.3 In the app, you can see your schedule and get payment alerts. You can also pay extra to clear your balance early. This ensures you take charge of your spending and avoid late payments.

klarna payment options

More affordable paying option KLARNA

Klarna’s pay-in-four option is a great way to handle your money. It lets you pay for things in four parts, every two weeks. And the best part, you won’t pay extra for this service. This is a better than credit solution that makes buying things simpler.4

Better Than Credit

With Klarna, you can avoid worrying about your credit score. You get to split the bill without borrowing money. This gives you more freedom and keeps you in control of what you spend.4

No Fees When Paid on Time

Here’s a cool thing. Paying on time means you won’t see any extra charges.4 Keep up with your payments every two weeks to enjoy this perk. No hidden fees, it’s that simple.4

Finally, using Klarna means a change for the better. No more credit card stress. Just a smart way to shop that fits your budget.5

How Does Klarna’s Pay in 4 Work?

Klarna’s Pay in 4 lets you divide your bill into 4. You pay every 2 weeks. This is interest-free.1 It’s available at checkout with certain shops. The first payment is when your order ships. The next 3 come every 2 weeks. There are no extra costs if you’re on time.6

Split Your Purchase into 4 Interest-Free Payments

Klarna’s Pay in 4 lets you spread your cost over 6 weeks. It’s 4 equal, interest-free payments. This makes it easier to manage your budget. There are no extra fees, which is great.16

First Payment at Shipment, Remaining Every 2 Weeks

The first Pay in 4 payment is at shipment. After that, it’s every 2 weeks. This helps you keep track easily. You won’t miss any bills.61

Manage Your Payments with Klarna App

If your order qualifies for Pay in 4, choose this option at checkout. Add your debit or credit card details. When the store ships your items, you’ll get an email from Klarna with your payment plan.7 Klarna will then bill you for the first part of your purchase. You can track your purchase and payments in our App.7 Download the Klarna App to manage your payments with Klarna app, stay in full control, and never miss a payment!7

Get the Free Klarna App

Join over 150 million users in 45 countries who manage payments with the free Klarna App.7 It helps you keep an eye on your spending, see your purchase history, and stick to your budget easily.7Wherever and however you shop, the Klarna App offers you control, flexibility, and the ability to get the free Klarna app. You’ll never miss a payment.

Stay in Full Control

With 2 million daily transactions and over 500,000 business partners, Klarna lets you stay in full control with ease.7 Use our App to check your payment plan, pay early, and make sure you never miss a payment.7

Never Miss a Payment

Opt for pay in 4 to spread your costs into four payments, without interest, every two weeks.8 With the Klarna App, keeping up with payments is simple. You’ll never miss a payment, for a smooth shopping journey.

What Happens if I Miss a Payment?

Missing a payment with Klarna has serious consequences. You could face NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees up to $35. Also, unpaid debts might go to collection agencies. This can hurt your credit and how you interact with others9.

Missed Payments Incur NSF Fees

Missing a Klarna payment means you might pay a $35 NSF fee9. These fees add up fast. It makes fixing your finances harder. So, always keep up with Klarna payments to avoid these charges.

Unpaid Debts Sent to Collection

Not paying your Klarna bills could lead to debt collection9. This hurts your credit score. It also makes getting credit in the future tough. Collection actions might get pretty severe, like wage garnishment or liens on your property9.

To dodge the problems of missed Klarna payments, set up reminders. Or, sign up for automatic payments. If you’re having a hard time, try to work out a payment plan.9 Also, you could look into credit counseling or talk to a lawyer for advice. They can guide you on handling your Klarna debt better. And lessen its negative effect on your finances9.


Klarna’s split payment plan, Pay in 4, lets Canadians slice their payments into four pieces. This happens without any extra cost when they pay on time. It makes shopping easy with the get now and pay later option.10

Customers keep track by using the Klarna app, which is free. It shows how much is left to pay and when they need to make payments.11 Klarna’s AI quickly answers any questions, helping users avoid late payments.11

This pay later service is handy, but experts warn it’s not for everything. They suggest thinking hard about what you buy. This helps avoid money worries later.10 Using Klarna’s split payment the right way, though, makes shopping in Canada fun and easy on the wallet.10,11


What is Klarna’s Pay in 4?

Pay in 4 lets you divide payments into 4 parts. Money is taken from your card every 2 weeks. This happens until you’ve paid the full amount. You can pay anytime you want, even off the whole balance at once.

How does Klarna’s Pay in 4 work?

If what you’re buying qualifies, you can pick Pay in 4 at checkout. You’ll need to add your card info. When your stuff ships, Klarna will send an email. This email shows how and when you’ll pay. Klarna takes the first payment then. You can see and handle your payments in Klarna’s app.

What are the benefits of Klarna’s Pay in 4?

Pay in 4 won’t touch your credit score. It gives you more freedom. There’s no fee if you’re on time. You get to plan your budget better this way. It’s a great way to control your shopping.

How do I manage my Klarna Pay in 4 payments?

Just download the Klarna App to keep up with your payments. You can see when each is due. And you can pay any way you like, like getting it done early.

What happens if I miss a Klarna Pay in 4 payment?

Missing a payment means extra fees. And unpaid debts go to collections. It’s best to pay on time to avoid these problems.

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